This is the first part of a relatively big project- a series where I want to explore the origins of the fashion influencer and what it takes to be one. Exploring the role of the environment and surrounding or cultural setting that defines what is fashionable. In a day and age where fashion is everywhere, everyone can be a self-pronounced fashion influencer with some knowledge of fashion and good networking. However, how do they differ from  "the original influencers"? On the other hand, fashion nowadays includes environmental concerns in the creation of eco-friendly materials. Yet,  the use of miles of fabric and stiff constraining garments can still be seen in lots of contemporary designs.
History & Concept
Marie Antoinette, the french queen (1755 - 1793) is often credited for the high pouf hairstyles and wedding cake gowns and thus setting the preconditions for what later on will be known as haute-couture. Her creative collaborations with the designer Marie Jeanne Bertin would inspire Charles Frederick Worth (aka "the father of haute couture").
Having lived in a very tumultuous historical period, at the verge of the French Revolution, she probably never had the chance but end up at the guillotine- the french financial deficit, moral decadence, poverty, you name it, she was thought to be the culprit for.
In light of various historical accounts about her, three strong narratives made a strong impression on me.
- The Decadent Teen Queen
- The Queen/ "Pawn"
- The Victim/ "Culprit"

To find out more about the process from idea, research, sketching to shooting, read more here.

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